P.Y.T. is chef Josef Centeno veggie centered restaurant is Downtown Los Angeles right next to Ledlow and not far from his other restaurants. We had great food and service was friendly. We will definitely come back.


Broccolini amuse
A great gesture to welcome diners. A good portion and very fresh tasting. The chopped pistachios were very tasty.
Japanese Sweet Potato with Fuji Apple and Nori Butter
A great dish and a unique combo of sweet potatoes and apple. The sweet potatoes were cooked to almost a pudding texture. The apple slices added crunch and nori butter a bit of umami.
Chef’s salad with LALA Farm Lettuces, daily vegetable selection and Walnut Marigold dressing
A lovely salad showcasing the freshest veggies from LALA, Rick’s, Kong Thao’s and Finley farms. The salad included bok choy, grapefruit, golden beets, cheddar cauliflower, red walnut, lettuces, purple green beans, snap pea and fennel. What else do you want? We loved the nutty walnut marigold dressing.
Soft scramble with Wild Rice, Red Kuri Squash and Fines Herbes
A creative way of combining wild rice with scrambled eggs. It just needed a little salt and this comes from someone that watches her slat intake! The squash was like a dessert.