Ant. is a pop restaurant that takes over Woodspoon restaurant on monday nights in downtown, Los Angeles. I have heard of this place for a while but getting to downtown on Monday nights is not an easy task. I made reservation a couple of weeks in advance and they called me the day prior to tell me that because of Valentine’s day, they only serve a special Prix fixe menu. You had a choice of a fish or game for some of the courses. The young chef Giacomo is from Venice area of Italy. He served us two dishes himself and was very polite and friendly. Service was OK. They did not describe some of the dishes as they should have. The seating was not that comfortable either. I hope the talented chef moves to a space worthy of his food.

Bread and Butter
Crusty rosemary bread with delicious French butter was a nice start.

Pumpkin and Coffee
My favorite course. Deep pumpkin flavor was a perfect marriage for the crunchy coffee topping. When was the last time you had that Combo?


Fish and Chips
The fish was the ceviche and the chips was made of black rice. I love black rice so that was so up my alley. I even asked the chef how he made it. It is a long process in a dehydrator that takes two days. The ceviche could have used a little more citrus to brighten it.

Very pretty to look at and it was a refreshing salad. It had almond spread between the layers of the greens.

Mayer Lemon Dressing
It was a little bitter but did the job.

Santa Barbara Spot Prawn & Grapefruit
It was very fresh. Loved the micro oregano.

Snow Crab Cannolo & Matcha
My other favorite course. It was like a very fresh crab roll in a cannolo shell. I could have eaten a few of these.

Calamari & Calamari & Clam Chowder Foam
This was a great dish. It was a pasta shaped like a calamari and you had chopped calamari inside the tube of pasta and clam chowder foam on the top.

Wild Matsutake Mushroom Risotto
My husband the rice lover, loved this dish. It was a touch salty for me but I ate every bite. The matsutake mushroom added a great umami element to the dish.

Koji Marinated Wild Local Black Cod in a Soothing Dashi
It was a very fresh fish but what stole the show was the dashi. After we finished the fish, we poured the dashi in our bowl/plate and savored every spoonful.


Beet of My Heart
I am not a beet fan so I liked the beet sorbet but not loved it. I really liked the crunchy burned caramel pieces and the Creme Fraiche though.

Lavender Puff
They forgot the puff and I had to ask our waiter about it. Good thing I asked because it was really good.