Kismet is a Mideast influenced restaurant from chefs Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson. We have experienced their food at Madcapra, their falafel shop at the Grand Central Market in Downtown, Los Angeles. They don’t take reservation for day time, so when we arrived, we had to either wait for a table or be seated at the counter area. Since we were hungry, we picked the latter. They added a 20% service charge to our bill. Was the place formal enough to justify the 20%? No, because this is a casual restaurant after all. Our original waitress was young and annoying, like pushing us to order before we even had a chance to look at the menu. She was very eager to clear our plates too. luckily she was not the only one that took care of us. The food that we tried was pretty good, but prices were high for the portions.

Flaky Bread with a Soft-Boiled Egg, Labneh, Tomato & Spice
The main reason that we came to Kismet was to try their famous flaky bread. It was amazing. It gave you the satisfaction of a good croissant. It was basically layers of buttery brioche dough and was perfectly crispy on the outside. Even though I avoid white bread, I could eat this bread every day. At $15, it was overpriced though. You got one soft-boiled egg, a little spice spread that my husband loved, some fresh greens, a little labneh and the garliciest tomato sauce ever. Perfect to keep the vampires away!!

Broccoli Toast with Labneh, Pumpkin Seed & Citrus
This must have been the prettiest toast I have ever had. A Lovely sesame bread from Bub & Grandma’s was the base for labneh, grapefruit, mint and broccoli. The crunchy pumpkin seed added addicting crunch.

Freekeh Polenta with Lamb, Green Chili, Charred Cabbage & a Poached Egg
The freekeh polenta was pretty good taste wise but a very small portion specially the lamb. It must have been 2 oz. at the most.