Barbara Jean offers American Soul Food. As we walked in to the restaurant, I realized that they have taken over the Smoke Oil Salt restaurant. They even had the Dali poster from the previous restaurant in the bathroom. We were seated in a dark spot and I was very concerned about how am I going to take my pictures with no light!! Only a blogger would be so concerned about the light. Thankfully the table next to us was empty so I had to take my pictures on that table!!
The waitress was pushing their $28 grass-fed aged steak on everyone. It was funny hearing her talking about it over and over. Our steak arrived first and we had to wait a long time for our poached eggs and prosciutto to arrive. After we were done with our food, she asked if we wanted desert and I waved no. She pushed and said oh, you don’t want apple crumble!! Lady giveeee us a break.

Rib Eye Steak and Eggs
The steak was tender and flavorful. I think it was 10 oz, so at least the $28 price tag was justified. The potatoes were good also, but they destroyed the poached eggs. They looked awful and should have never been placed on the plate.

Poached Eggs and prosciutto Pistou, Super Seed Bread
I ordered this dish mainly because of the super seed bread. After waiting forever, I was very disappointed to see it was basically your plain seeded bread. At least this time they did not mess up the poached eggs!!