Liz Craft, Death Rider (Leo), 2002

Liz Craft, Hairy Guy (with Flower Basket), 2005

Political Ribbons, 2017

Kevin Beasley

Jimmie Durham, The Arrogant Little Peasant, 1989

Jimmie Durham, Self Portrait, 1986

Jimmie Durham

Jimmie Durham, Tlunh Datsi, 1984

Jimmie Durham, Karankawa, 1982

Jimmie Durham, Cortez, 1991-92

Jimmie Durham, Malinche, 1988-92

Jimmie Durham, Carnivalesque Shark in Venice, 2015

Self Portrait Pretending to Be a Stone Statue of Myself, 2006

Attributed to Theodore Gericault, Portrait of a Gentelman, 1820

Dubuffet, Le Metro, March 1943