Gjusta was one of our favorite places to eat in Venice, CA. So, we ended our eating adventures there to eat their flavorful burger one last time.

Treviso arugula, fennel, treviso, parsley, parmesan, lemon, olive oil
We were surprised how small the salad was. We wanted something light to go with our burger and they got the light part right. It was a good salad with enough umami from the parmesan to make me happy.

Veggie Sandwich whole wheat, roasted peppers, tomato, fennel, radish, pickled turnips, avocado, sprouts, tahini
I have heard great things about this sandwich, so My brother had to order it, out of curiosity. It was a good sandwich, but a little hyped up.

Falafel sesame ficelle, tahini, fermented chili, pickled onion, radish,
salted cucumber, sprouts
My parents tried this sandwich. The falafel was on the spicy side but it was pretty good. The veggies helped with the heat.

Cheese Burger seeded pain de mie bun, gruyere,
smoked tomato, arugula, pickles, aioli
The reason we were all there was to have their famous burger. Did it live up to our expectations? Yes but I remember it being more juicy the previous time we had it. The smoked tomato definitely elevates the burger.