Firefish Grill is the type of restaurants that I would never pick to dine at. We were on a very short road trip and since we had no idea where we were going to stay, we did not make any advance reservation and took the hotel staff’s recommendation to dine at this restaurant. The location was by the water and usually places by the water have average food and this place was no exception. I did not want to go inside, but since my husband and brother were hungry, they twisted my arm and in I went. It felt like a place that had a mix of tourists and early bird retirees. I felt like I was in a very bad movie.

Crab Cakes
They should call it a bread cake, not a crab cake. Too much bread crumbs. At least it came with fairly tasty risotto with Buerre Blanc sauce.

My husband and father both got this daily special which I think was a yellowtail. The fish was totally overcooked and my husband complained the whole time. He should have sent it back.

Cajun Snapper
I guess this fish fared better. It came with a jambalaya sauce but the plating looks like it belonged to the seventies.