Tartine bakery in San Francisco is one of my favorite bakeries. We ended our two-day road trip with breakfast there. Since it was a weekday and early in the morning, the line was short. Their pain au jambon is my favorite and I talk about it all the time. As we approached the display case, I did not see any pain au jambon. I asked about it, and they said they were out of it. My mom asked them how long until the new batch comes out? they said 10-15 minutes. So, we prepaid and a few minutes later received fresh out of the oven ones.

Pain au Chocolat
One of my favorite pain au chocolat anywhere. Plenty of butter and dark chocolate. What else could you ask for?

Buttery flaky croissant, never disappoints.

Gougère gruyère, black pepper, thyme
My mom order this cheesy deliciousness.

Pain au Jambon smoked ham, gruyère
What we came for. It was pretty good but a little salty from all the cheese and ham. I had to get extras so the next morning at home we could have it one last time before heading to the airport to move to the East Coast. They were still pretty good the next morning warmed up in the oven.

Frangipane Tart flaky pastry shell, almond cream, berries
Even though we ate this a few days later because I forgot all about it, it was still very good. Plenty of almond cream and berries with a great flaky shell.

We also had the Chocolate Chip Oat Walnut cookie at the airport and it was amazing as  it was in the past. One of my favorite cookies.