We were shopping in the area and needed a place to have lunch at. Ottoman Kitchen, a Turkish place, had good ratings, so we took our chances. This was the most cost cutting place we have ever eaten at. They served their food in paper plates and handed you a single napkin. They even served their cold appetizers in a plastic container. Never seen anything like it. Their portions were very small for the price. I don’t know how they have such high rating.

When was the last time you were served Babaganush, an eggplant spread, in a to go container? As we sat down, the guy behind the counter mumbled something. Then walked to their refrigerator case, picked up a container and place it in front of us!! Really!! we were shocked. It actually tasted good, but if it was served at room temperature, it would have been much better.

Bread for the Babaganush.

Sigara Boregi
Since we were still hungry, we ordered this dish. It was one of the worst appetizers we have ever had. We got the mix of the meat and the cheese. It was basically mostly dough and not much else.

Lamb Chops
At $17.95, you got four very small lamb chops with a mediocre fries, rice and tomato. The lamb tasted good but a steep price at such a place.