After canceling another restaurant, I needed a restaurant that was not too far from the National Gallery. Zaytinya, is Chef José Andrés’s Eastern Mediterranean restaurant offering food from Turkey, Greece and Lebanon in a large airy space. This was our first restaurant in D.C. since we had moved to the Northern Virginia area. We walked around the circle looking for the restaurant, thanks to Google Maps. Food was good to very good. Their menu is so large, at first we assumed it was only two pages, but no, there were two more pages. Prices were reasonable.

Asparagus Salata white asparagus tzatziki, pistachio, watercress, lemon zest
I ordered this dish because I love white asparagus. I was surprised to see it was a mix of mostly green and little white asparagus!! It tasted pretty good because of the ingredients, but still, if your menu states white asparagus, serve white asparagus.

Mercimek Köftesi traditional seared red lentil patties, preserved lemon yogurt, pomegranate, lettuce leaves
I was torn between this dish and an eggplant one. Our waitress recommend the lentil. It was very light and an interesting dish.

Adana Kebab ground Jamison farm lamb, grilled tomatoes, sumac, harissa pita, pickled chiles
My husband against my advice ordered this dish. I did not have any but later on, he mentioned it was overcooked.

Sea Scallops sugar snap peas, dill yogurt, radish, sesame sumac rose spice
I liked this dish and it was reasonable at $14. A very springy dish with some of my favorite ingredients. The scallops were cooked just right.

Turkish Coffee Chocolate Cake sea salt, mastiha ice cream, pistachio
A very good little dessert. It had a good coffee flavor and it was the first time that we had mastiha, a Greek liqueur.

Chocolate Rose rose ice cream, chocolate custard, spiced berry purée
The rose ice cream was very aromatic and went very well with the chocolate custard and the berry puree.