We had a reservation at 12:30 p.m. for brunch at Hazel because they did not have any earlier reservations on Open Table. Since we arrived in the area early, I figured we go to the restaurant and see if they have any earlier sitting available. To my surprise only two tables were occupied and there was no problem being seated. The service was fine. The food was very flavorful but the portions were very small.

grilled asparagus, spring onion, smoked lemon puree, furikake
This dish was very flavorful but the portion was only two bites. I have never seen such a small portion before. How can they send it out?!

Rye English Muffins, beet-cured gravlax, smoked yogurt, pickled pearl onions
This dish was OK. Nothing to impress you.

Brisket Bowl Rice, Pickles, Egg
Another flavorful dish. The brisket was so small, It was maybe 2-3 OZ.

Grandma’s zucchini bread, foie gras mousse, chamomile gelee, bee pollen
What saved the day and filled us up was this great dish. The zucchini bread was very good by itself. Adding the foie gras added luciousness to the dish.