Cumin Spiked Tahini Dip, Sumac, Spring vegetables, Fennel Seed Crackers
This dish sounded better on the menu. First up they were stingy with the veggies. Then the spread must have been three TBS at the most. To add insult to injury, the white flour fennel seed crackers were beyond salty. You can see all the salt in the picture.

Grilled Virginia Asparagus, Lentil Tambouli, Tahini, Deviled Egg
The asparagus was perfectly smoky but since they only give you one delicious deviled egg, they could have been more generous with the lentils.

Oak Grilled Burger, Crawford Cheese, Pancetta, Local Tomato, Smoked Sauce
What saved the day as far as portion was the burger. They even had it cut it in half for us. It was very juicy, cooked to medium to medium rare and had a great smoky flavor. It was not the easiest burger to eat but it was delicious. The chips on the other hand were too salty.