“Baptism of Christ” Window, Frank Brangwyn, 1897

Bookinist (Reading Chair), Nils Holger, 2007

Germania, Hans Hofmann, 1951

Water Birds, Jackson Pollock, 1943

Nude, Henri Edmond Cross, 1895-96

Vincent Van Gogh, A pair of Boats, 1887

Vincent Van Gogh, Landscape with Figures, 1889

Pablo Picasso, Woman with Bangs, 1902

Leon Kroll, Frenchwoman: portrait of a Lady from Honfleur, 1923

Henri Matisse, Woman in Turban, 1917

Henri Matisse, Painter in the Olive Grove, 1922

Henri Matisse, Striped Robe, Fruit, and Anemones, 1940

Jean Dubuffet, Orator at the Wall, 1945

Rene Magritte, Delusions of Grandeur, 1967

Dan Flavin, Untitled (To Barnett Newman for “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”), 1993-94

Grace Hartigan, Designer (To Jackson Pollock), 1990

Mark Bradford, My Grandmother felt the color, 2016

Jack Whitten, 9.11.01, 2006

Olafur Eliasson, Flower Observatory, 2004

Andy Warhol, The Last Supper, 1986

Andy Warhol, Self Portrait, 1986

Haegue Yang, Sonic Figure-Venting gourd, 2016

Lynda Benglis, Piscinium, 1986

Henry Moore, The Three Rings, 1966

Mario Negri, Large Monumental Allegory, 1960

Isamu Noguchi, Untitled, 1958

Ossip zadkine, May 1940: The Destroyed City, 1957

Emile Antione Bourdelle, Fruit, 1911

Alexander Galder, 100 Yard Dash, 1969