Stable DC is a restaurant offering cuisine from Switzerland. The food was great and every one from the hostess to the waitstaff to Chef David Fritsche were super friendly and provided great service.

Smoked Salmon Horseradish, Chive Crème Fraîche, Lemon, Homemade Bread, Salad
Great smoked salmon atop crusty bread with spice from horseradish and coolness from creme fraiche.

White Asparagus Hollandaise Sauce, Speck, New Potatoes
Finally a white asparagus salad that gives you what they advertise. The hollandaise stole the show. Speck was pretty good.

Berner Rösti Potatoes, Bacon, Onion, Gruyère Cheese, Fried Egg
The reason I picked this restaurant is because I love rosti potatoes. We were in a food bliss eating this delicious dish. With the listed ingredients, how can you go wrong? It smelled heavenly also. Towards the end, I was eating very slowly to savor every bite.