Atla is chef Enrique Olvera’s casual restaurant in Manhattan. Since we had a late lunch at Le Coucou, we just wanted something light. Our waiter was not helpful or friendly. Prices were a little high considering the portions.

Guacamole Goat Cheese Toast
Pretty good but pricey at $17. The perfectly charred bread was the base for the flavorful tomatoes and tangy goat cheese.

Chicharron en Salsa Verde
My husband asked our waiter about this dish and all he said was it was a pork dish. It looked spicy and it was spicy according to my husband. As he took his first bite, his face soured. I guess this was a dish of fried pork skin!! I told our waiter that he should have told my husband that it was a pork skin not a pork dish. He asked him if wanted something else and he said yes.

He picked this dish and it looked like it was from the kids menu of a chain/fast food restaurant. No garnish or anything to make it look more appealing. It tasted fine but nothing more.