Danish Bread and Sourdough
The Danish bread was decadent and I was savoring every bite. Very hearty and buttery. Our waiter told us that it was a very labor intensive process and they make just enough for the daily basis.

Black Bass Ramp
The fish was cooked perfectly and tasted great.

Scandinavian Bouillabaisse Seafood, Fennel Aioli
My husband picked this dish and it was really good. It had a bit of everything. Fish, scallop and shrimp all cooked perfectly. A total comfort food.

Who would not like to indulge in these goodies?

The cookies were even more impressive than the desert we ordered!

Cherry Crème fraîche, Cocoa, Lemon Thyme
It was a good dessert but less impressive than the complimentary cookies. It was sweeter than we preferred.