Thip Khao was highly recommended on the D.C. Chowhound. We love Thai/Laotian food but because of the health reasons we can not eat spicy food anymore. I asked for everything to be cooked on the mild side and for the most part, that is what we experienced. The space was large and bright and tastefully decorated. Service was helpful.

A little cucumber to cool you down on a hot day.

Tam Muk Muang green mango, chili-garlic sauce, shrimp, cashew
It was a refreshing flavorful salad. I just wish it was less sweet.

Pak Nam crispy watercress & tofu, tamarind-lychee sauce, dried shrimp, mango, cashew
This was a recommendation from a fellow Chowhound and it did not disappoint. Crispy watercress with a sweet sour sauce and crunch from the cashews.

Naem Khao crispy coconut rice, sour pork, peanut, lime, scallion, mint, cilantro
We have had a few bad versions of this dish before in other restaurants but I can say this one is by far is my favorite version. A very well-balanced dish with lots of flavor.

Thomp Som Paa Kot tamarind-fresh coconut broth, blue catfish, Thai basil, cilantro, hon shimeji, tomato
My husband picked this dish and thankfully it was a winner. The broth was amazing and the catfish was cooked perfectly.

Dolcezza Gelati fish sauce caramel, dark soy-strawberry, ginger lemongrass
Since I have heard about their special flavors of gelati, we had to see if it lived to the hype. Thankfully it was good. With the fish sauce caramel flavor you could not really taste the fish sauce and that was a good thing. Just a little hint of it. The dark soy strawberry was sweet and salty and the ginger lemongrass was refreshing.