We have been to Maketto three times now. Their different croissant offerings have been much better than the cakes they offer. Their cakes would have been much better had they cut the sugar by 25%. If you don’t get there early enough, they might selll out of some of their croissants. Service was fine but not that friendly.

Almond Croissant
It had a nice texture but too sweet for me. My husband enjoyed it.

Chocolate Croissant
We tried the chocolate croissant twice. The first time, it fared better.

We tried the plain croissant twice. The first time was good, the second time, even though I reheated in the oven the following day, it was a respectable croissant.

Ham and Cheese Croissant
This croissant by far was the best croissant we have tried at the Maketto. It had a good crispy texture. Enough ham to make you feel like you were eating a ham croissant but it could have used a little more cheese to make it a great ham and cheese croissant. Still, I would return for this croissant if we are in the area.

Pistachio Meringue Chocolate Tart
It was chocolaty and had a good amount of pistachios but a little too sweet.

Chocolate Marble Bundt Cake
It was a moist cake and had a nice crunch from the chocolate pearls.

Chocolate Coconut Tart
Unfortunately it tasted too sweet to make a good impression.