Mike Isabella of Top Chef has many restaurants around D.C. When I saw a picture of an eggplant dish from the Arroz restaurant, I decided to give it a try. We liked the Moroccan decor. Service was friendly. I felt like the portions were small considering the prices.

Moroccan Flat Bread
Even though I don’t usually eat white flour, I enjoyed the crisp flat bread.

Burnt Eggplant za’atar, pine nut, black garlic
It was a very flavorfoul dish and the reason for our visit. Black garlic was the color and the sweetness behind the dish. The marinated veggies were very good.

Chermoula Lamb Ribs kohlrabi salad, spiced yogurt, coriander honey
It was good and on the sweet side. Kohlrabi added a little crunch.

Maryland Crab Benedict Moroccan flat bread, poached eggs, harissa hollandaise
When this dish was placed in front of us, I searched for crab and did not find any. I told our waiter about it and a manager stopped by. I asked him where the crab was? He returned with a very small amount in a tiny dish and said something about the fact that they blend the crab into the sauce. Then don’t charge $19 and call it a crab benedict. A very poor value as you can see in the picture.