Amoo’s Restaurant is in an odd location in the residential area of McLean, VA. It was a small space but tastefully decorated. Prices were a little high. Service was helpful.

Tahdigh with Gheymeh Bademjan
Tahdigh a thin layer of crispy rice is a very popular Persian appetizer. At Amoo’s, you get a full portion of the stew of your choice. I picked Gheymeh Bademjan, combination of yellow split peas, beef chunks, onions, eggplant and tomato sauce. The pale tomato slices at the height of the tomato season was disappointing. The tahdigh itself was nice and crispy with plenty of saffron for flavor and the golden color. The stew had a lot of flavor but the meat was too chewy and it was so hot it burned my tongue. Maybe if they simmered the stew, the meat would be more tender. The orchid was a nice touch that you rarely see in Persian restaurants.

Filet Mignon Soltani Filet Mignon Kabob, Koobideh Kabaob, Rice
Koobideh, the ground beef kabob was pretty good and a little spicy, which made it unusual but tasty. The filet (barg) needed some spice to make it more flavorful. I had to smear butter and add sumac, a tart spice to make it more palatable.

Persian Ice Cream Saffron, vanilla bean and pistachios
I asked if the Persian ice cream was homemade, and I was told it was. A little pricey at $7 for two scoops but it was two big scoops. It had more saffron than any other Persian ice cream I have ever had before. It had a good amount of pistachios and vanilla bean to make it a memorable ice cream.