Taco Bamba was highly recommended by a Chowhound. Their tacos are very unique and delicious. They had a large menu offering Mexican street food at one of their locations in Vienna, VA. They also have two other locations in Falls Church and Springfield. The only negative was their choice of music.

Crispy Crab Tostada Kewpie Mayo, Bambarashi, Citrus, Frisee, Serranos, Lime
I could eat this tostada every day. Creamy crab with frisee on a crispy tostada, what is there not to like?

Taco Bamba Skirt Steak, Chorizo, Grilled Guacamole, Chicharrones
My husband had this taco. It is a good change of pace to get a piece of steak rather than sliced or chopped steak. I took a bit of the steak and it was pretty good.

Pulpo al Pastor Marinated & Grilled Octopus, Guacamole, Pineapple & Sesame Slaw
It is not everyday that you see octopus tacos on the menus. The tender octopus tasted pretty good and went well with the pineapple slaw.

Aquaman Nachos Local Crab, Shrimp, Tomatillo, Roasted Corn, Pickled Chilis, Crema, Oaxacan Cheese, Scallions, Lime
It was a tasty nachos but as expected it was low on the seafood and high on the chips. You are better off getting two tacos for less money.