Ever since I read about Hungry Pigeon’s hash brown and croissant, I knew I had to try it while visiting Philadelphia. We actually went straight there to have breakfast before checking in to our hotel. The Philly parking Gods were on our side and we found a parking a couple blocks away. Not only that, there was remaining time left on the meter! The place was cute and by the time we left, it was packed. Service was OK. I asked our waitress if the hot chocolate and the chocolate croissants were a dark chocolate and she said they were not. On our second visit, before leaving town, we stopped by to pick up a croissant and a chocolate croissant. I asked again about the chocolate croissant and was told it was dark and indeed it was. So I think our waitress did not want to go the extra step and inquire. Prices of their baked goods were high considering the location. In some cases even higher than Tartine bakery in San Francisco. We all know how expensive the land and rents are in SF.

Ham and Cheese Croissant
At $6, it was more expensive than my beloved Pain au Jambon from Tartine in San Fransisco. It was pretty good though. Plenty of cheese and I tasted Béchamel, so it was similar in taste to croque monsieur.

Finally a croissant that was buttery and flaky enough for us. Great texture and taste.

Peach Crostata
At $6, it was not worth it. The texture on the bottom was too soft.

Pain au Chocolat
I warmed it up in the oven when we returned home and it was a good chocolate croissant and yes the chocolate was dark.

Eggs, Hash Brown and Toast
The main reason to get this dish was to try the hash brown and I am glad that it did not disappoint. Nice and crispy. The rye toast was pretty good also. They could have given us a little more butter and jam though.

Hash Brown