Michael Nichols, Young Lioness with Her First Cubs, 2012

Michael Nichols, Lagoon Breaking into the Ocean, 2004

Michael Nichols, Infant African Bush Elephant, 2011

Michael Nichols, Sita with Three-Month-Old Cub, 1996

Augustus Saint-Gaudens, The Angel of Purity, 1902

Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Diana, 1892-93

Camille Pissarro, Apple Tree in the Meadow, Eragny, 1893

Claude Monet, Marine near Etretat, 1882

Claude Monet, Marine View with a Sunset, 1875

Claude Monet, Under the Pines, Evening, 1888

Vincent van Gogh, Rain, 1889

Giovanni Boldini, Highway of Combes-la-Ville, 1873

Pablo Picasso, head of a Woman, 1901

Henri Rousseau, Carnival Evening, 1886

Vincent van Gogh, Sunflowers, 1888 or 1889

Pierre Auguste Renoir, Still Life with Flowers and Fruit, 1890

Pierre Auguste Renoir, Two Girls, 1892

Joan Miro, L’Orniere (The Rut), 1918

Vincent van Gogh, Portrait of Madame Augustine Roulin and Baby Marcelle, 1888 or 1889

Vincent van Gogh, Portrait of Camille Roulin, 1888 or 1889

Pablo Picasso, Seated Female Nude, 1908-9

Fernand Leger, Man with a Cane, 1920

Robert Delaunay, Eiffel Tower, 1925

Cy Twombly, fifty Days at Lliam, 1978

Cy Twombly, The Fire that Consumes All Before It

Henri Matisse, Mademoiselle Yvonne Landsberg, 1914

Juan Gris, Man in a Cafe, 1912

Paul Klee, Village Carnival, 1926

Heinrich Campendonk, Love in the Forest, 1920

Man Ray, Fair Weather, 1939

Andy Warhol, Portrait of Joseph Beuys, 1980

Jasper Johns, Untitled, 2002

Jasper Johns, According to What, 1964

Jasper Johns, The Critic Sees II, 1964