I picked Ambra for our first dinner in Philadelphia. Their cuisine is modern Italian. They only offer a tasting menu at $78. It was a great deal considering all the food we were served. I called them a head of the time and told them that I don’t eat poultry and whether that was a problem. I was assured they could accommodate my dietary needs. The day we dined there was a dark rainy day and there was not much light inside the restaurant. My pictures reflects that. We even had a hard time reading the menu! Service was very friendly and informative.

Started with a complimentary apéritif. A nice gesture that rarely happens.

Ricotta Pizzelle
Corn and Truffle Cannoli

Great start to a wonderful meal.

Pesce Crudo di Corvina all’ Acqua Pazza
A nice refreshing crudo.

A lovely salad with tasty tomatoes.

 Focaccia + Burrata
A great cheesy focaccia and a very creamy buratta. What is there not to like?

Eggplant Tortellini, Squash, Cacio e Pepe
Great flavor. Very smoky.

Spaghetti with Crab Gravy and Corn
Interesting dish and presentation. Squid ink pasta and crab on one side and a sweet corn fondue on the other.

Prosperosa Eggplant Parm
Breaded cube of eggplant parm with a tomato sauce center, I believe.

Local Tilefish, Mussel, Zucchini
A nice fish dish cooked perfectly. The mussels were fresh and tender.

Painted Hills Beef, Miral Corn “Polenta”
By this time I was full so I probably did not enjoy this dish as much as I should have. The beef was a flank cut and was tasty. The corn polenta was good but this dish lacked the creativity of other dishes. The blackberries were a nice touch though.

Duck, Miral Corn “Polenta”
My husband did not realize he had a duck in front of him. He said it tasted something between a liver and a beef.

Sambuca Melon
A nice refreshing bite.

Peach & Corn Zuppa Inglese
I love peach so enjoyed this summary dessert.

This was the only miss. Too sugary to enjoy and I left most of it in the cup.