Vernick Food & Drink is on everyone’s list of places to try in Philly. In May 2017, Chef Greg Vernick was named the Best Chef, Mid-Atlantic by the James Beard Foundation. One month prior to our trip, I tried to book a table on Open Table and had no luck. Luckily when I called the restaurant, I was able to make a reservation. Their food was really good and service was helpful and polite. Prices were very reasonable considering the quality and the portion size. Something that you rarely saw in California and now in the D.C. area. I wish we had a place like this in our area. I will definitely come back next time we visit Philadelphia. Since it was our anniversary, they started us with a toast of a sparkling wine. That was very generous of them. I always say, gestures like this leaves a lasting impression.

The Brilliant Green gin, matcha, apricot, citrus, bubbles
I picked this drink for my husband. It was very refreshing and had a good amount of alcohol.

Amuse Gazpacho and Corn Bread
A nice start to a wonderful dinner.

Maryland crab on Toast
This was so fresh and tasty, we could have eaten a few. Like a crab roll but much better.

Sea Urchin, Warm Scrambled Eggs
Very fresh sea urchin atop what I think was Crème fraîche or yogurt and creamy scrambled eggs. We were instructed to dig our spoon deep so we can taste all the layers. It was very decadent.

Lightly Cured King Salmon, Summer Melon, Mezcal, Lime Crème Fraîche
The king salmon was really good. Melon and Crème Fraîche added sweetness and creamy tang to the dish.

Yellow Fin Tuna & Sugar Snap Peas, Olive, Yogurt, Mint
I might sound like a broken record but the ahi was very fresh. The snap peas added a little crunch. Mint was a nice touch.

Wagyu Beef Pastrami, Nectarines, Green Gooddess Dressing
My other favorite dish besides the crab. It was the best pastrami we have ever had. According to our waiter the process of making it takes a whole week. No wonder it tasted so good. The only miss, the nectarine slices were not sweet. Visually amazing also.

Strawberry Cannoli chocolate-strawberry ice cream, aged balsamic
One of my favorite deserts of all time and only $9 for such a beautiful delicious dish. It was so good that I almost ordered a second one. Delicious strawberry cannoli plus strawberry chocolate ice cream were addicting. Strawberry creme and aged balsamic added more decadent.

Sweet ending to a wonderful dinner.