5-Spice Hot Chocolate star anise, Sichuan pepper, peppercorn, clove, fennel
The hot chocolate’s temperature was more like room temperature than hot. I had to ask them to re make it. The new one was better but still not as warm as I like. It tasted good though with the hint of the advertised spices.

Croissant and Chocolate Croissant

The plain croissant was more like a yeasty bread than a croissant. No buttery layer or crispness.

The chocolate croissant was just like the plain, yeasty bread like with the addition of the chocolate. A disappointment.

Grilled Stone Fruit summer berries, mint, Caputo bros ricotta, honey, buckwheat
It was a nice light dish. A good assortment of berries and stone fruit with creamy ricotta. The presentation was impressive also.

Breakfast Ruben on Rye pastrami, kraut, Russian dressing, guldens mustard
My husband’s pick. It was a hefty breakfast sandwich. Plenty of flavorful pastrami, fluffy eggs and kraut on a rye bread.

Buckwheat Cherry
It was a good bread and had plenty of cherries.

Malted Peach Tea Cake
I asked the girl behind the counter if there was a peach inside the cake and she said there was. Once at home, I cut it in half and did not find any peach inside. It was a flavorful cake though.