Zahav, a modern Israeli restaurant, is owned by the award wining chef Michael Solomonov. He has many restaurants in philly and a hummus place, Dizengoff, in NYC. Getting a reservation even one month prior, was not possible. I was the second person on the waiting list and still did not get the call. I was told to come half an hour before the opening of the restaurant to be seated at the bar. We got there at 4 pm and five minutes later another couple showed up. By 4:30 there was a long line formed. Good thing we got there early. They usually open up at 5:00 but started sitting us a few minutes early which was appreciated by everybody. The menu was on the short side but they use high quality ingredients. The only negative for me was the excess of salt on many of their dishes. The bartender who took care of us was very friendly, informative and gave us a couple of gratis items. It pays to converse with your bartender!

Turkish Hummus with butter & garlic
A great warm hummus. Very buttery and delicious.

laffa Bread
I am not into this kind of bread but took a bite and it was good.

Twice Baked Eggplant
I told our bartender about the twice baked eggplant that we had at Dizengoff in NYC and what do you know, he brought us a small bowl of it. Very gracious. Unfortunately as the case was with Dizengoff, it was too salty.

Heirloom tomatoes and Tzatziki
We were also given flavorful heirloom tomatoes with a very good Tzatziki. They don’t even offer the Tzatziki on their menu. They should though.

Sirloin Shishlik plum tomato, za’atar
This was our favorite dish. Juicy seasoned beef cooked on a charcoal. A must order for beef lovers. I wish we had ordered two!


Beef Heart Shawarma mujadara, sumac onion, chermoula
It was a good dish but it paled compared to the beef.

Lamb Merguez tomato matbucha, roasted squash, corn
This was a good dish also but it did not wow us as much as the beef. The damn beef ruined everything else that followed.

Eggplant black-eyed peas, harissa, walnuts
A very smoky delicious eggplant dish. No surprise considering they cooked it in the wood burning oven.

Malabi Custard peach, raspberries, hazelnut, caramel
It was a light fruity dessert and did its job.

Our bartender asked us what we were doing in Philly and we told him that we used to live there and was in philly celebrating a birthday and an anniversary. So he went and brought  us this plate of halva. Very sweet of him.