Tuna Poke With diced yamaimo, basil pesto, and rice pearl
It was a interesting poke dish. Yamaimo provided a nice textural contrast to the soft tuna. Basil pesto was the element of surprise or fusion.

Beef Tongue Jalapeno yuzu kosho
Beef tongue was chewy but flavorful.

Chicken Liver
My husband enjoyed the chicken liver.

Poached Egg And Chesapeake Korokke with warm brown butter mayo and tonkatsu sauce on an english muffin
The crab croquettes were crunchy and there was plenty of brown butter mayo.


Sisig Filipino Braised Pork Hash Skillet with onsen egg, liver mayo, kalamansi lime
After I received my main dish, my husband had to wait at least 15 minutes for this dish with no explanations as to why. We had to finally inquire about it and was told, it was coming up!! At least the long wait was worth it. The pork hash was very flavorful and for once you got enough meat.

Black Sesame Panna Cotta with honey balls and whipped cream
My husband loves panna cotta and I love black sesame seeds so we had to order this. It was a good panna cotta with plenty of whip cream and crunchy honey balls.

Vanilla Soft Serve with Avocado and Lime
The vanilla soft serve was OK but the avocado lime sauce was pretty good. The toasted coconut added crunch.