Himitsu has been on my list and most people’s list for a while now. Since they don’t take reservation, we planned to get there early enough before their opening time of 5 PM but got there right before 5 PM. We lucked out and were seated since two couples before us were waiting for other people in their party. The space was small. Almost everything we ordered was really spicy but flavorful. Service was friendly.

Heirloom Tomatoes + Strawberries pickled strawberries, crispy quinoa, parsley-tarragon pureé, black pepper + shiso
Seems like this dish is everyone’s favorite and for a good reason. This was our favorite of all the dishes we tried. Even though it was the end of season for strawberries and tomatoes, they were unseasonably delicious. Crispy quinoa added texture and parsley-tarragon pureé was really good.

Sapidus Farm Oysters cornmeal fried, chili-kosho lemon crema, garlic-spinach pureé
fermented spinach powder
The oysters were very fresh and went very well with the garlic spinach pureé. The chili kosho lemon crema was spicy as it was expected.

O Sake Toro ora king salmon belly, tare, roe, scallions, rice pearls
We asked our waitress which one of the two salmon dishes should we get and she recommended this dish. It was lightly seared and we enjoyed the roe. The rice pearls were a nice touch and provided a little crunch.

Famu Yasai rapini, napa cabbage, mushrooms, snow peas, chili soy dashi, toasted rice, soft-poached egg + herbs
We really enjoyed this healthy veggie dish. All the veggies were high quality and it was a really flavorful dish. we were instructed to mix the egg with the veggies.

Nasu Dengaku local eggplant, yuzu-miso, chili-lime vinaigrette, sesame seed
candied pumpkin seed + scallions
We love eggplant and enjoyed this umami dish. It was spicy though.

Shrimp Courtbouillon char-grilled head-on gulf coast shrimp, cabbage, corn maque choux, spicy tomato stew + celery
Since every dish we had with the exception of the salmon and tomato strawberry was spicy, when our waitress mentioned shrimp with a spicy sauce, I almost cried!! It was a very good dish with fresh Gulf shrimps cooked perfectly.