Tail up Goat has been on my list of places to try for a long time now. Since my mom was in town visiting, I decided to try the place. When I made the reservation, I mentioned about my mom’s birthday but forgot all about it. As we sat down, our very friendly waiter brought us a shot of a pear drink and then asked whose birthday it was. I said, my mom’s. He wished her a happy birthday. He was very polite and helpful throughout the service. Food was great.

Stracciatella, kiwi berries, cayenne, parm, pickled green strawberries
We all loved this dish not only because of the creamy stracciatella but for the most flavorful kiwi berries. I asked our waiter about it and he mentioned they were from Pennsylvania. Unfortunately they are mostly available via special order during the month of September.

Kabocha bread, feta, crispy farro, oat crumble, kabocha agrodolce
I asked our waiter for his help of choosing between two breads. I was leaning towards kabocha and he picked that one too. It was a very hearty delicious dish. The saltiness of the feta was a perfect match for the sweetness of the squash. There were plenty of dill to freshen the dish.

Farfalle, pork ragu, ricotta salata, black pepper breadcrumbs
The pasta was perfectly al dente. Pork ragu was comforting. Ricotta salata added saltiness and the black pepper breadcrumbs a little spice and texture.

Garganelli, octopus ragu, anchovy, burnt orange, olive, aleppo breadcrumbs
Very interesting pasta and as flavorful as our favorite pasta dishes from Bestia in L.A. The burnt orange added a little bitterness, the olives brine and the breadcrumbs a nice crunch.

Lamb Ribs, sumac onions + black lime yogurt, beets, hazelnut dukkah, mustard seeds
This lam ribs were meant for two people but four people could have easily shared it with other dishes. Most diners in the restaurant had this dish on their table. The lamb chops were cooked perfectly and had a smoky flavor. There were plenty of beets for my beet loving husband. What was so unique was the sumac onion strands. I thought for sure it was a root veggie, but no, that was onion!! Very tasty onion.

Chocolate Mousse
We skipped dessert because we did not see anything that we wanted and had plans to stop for ice cream. Our waiter showed up with this delicious treat for my mom. Now, if they had this chocolate mousse on their menu, I would have for sure ordered it. The funny thing was we could not blow off the candle.