Le DeSales is a French restaurant that I have been wanting to try for a while now. They recently started serving brunch on Saturdays. Their online brunch menu is a bit longer than what we were presented with. I asked our waitress about it, she seemed to think their brunch menu was the same as their online menu, which was not. As much as we enjoyed their food, we would only return if they expanded their brunch menu.

Simplissime Crab, Tarragon, Light Creamy Potatoes
When I saw this dish online, I knew I had to try it. Once we sat down and looked at the menu, I realized this dish was not listed. I asked our waitress about it and she said she will check with the kitchen to see if they can make it for me. Lucky for me they did. Basically it is crab with a creamy potato on the top. It tasted pretty good.

The bisque was added to the dish.

Swordfish Tomato, Olive, Almond, Shallot
My husband picked this dish and it was a very Provencal dish. A good portion of swordfish cooked perfectly with flavorful tomatoes, olives, almond and shallot.

Chocolate Tart, Espresso Gelato
The chocolate tart was good but the espresso gelato was amazing.