Finding Mola was not that easy because it was located inside a building that looked like a residential building. I was nervous that we were at the wrong location but thankfully a lady went up the stairs and entered the building and we followed her in. Once inside, the restaurant was located to the left of the hallway. The service was helpful and I was glad they were playing 80’s music.

Chickpea Purée & Ground Spiced Lamb – guindilla peppers
This dish was pretty good. The chickpea puree had plenty of cumin and the ground lamb was crunchy. The peppers were a nice side.

Huevos Rotos four eggs broken over a mix of potatoes, onions, peppers & spinach with Serrano ham
This dish was meant to be shared by two people. For additional $6 you could add  serrano ham. There were plenty of potatoes, onions and peppers. Spinach added a little fiber and ham provided protein and saltiness to the dish. We even had leftovers for the next day which is rare.