We first tried shake shack burger years ago at their original stand at Madison Square Park. After standing in long lines, we finally ate our burgers and did not know what all the fuss was about. Fast forward a few years later, there was a special on the 60 minutes featuring Danny Meyer, talking about among other things Shake Shack. He said himself that he was surprised with the success. Anderson Cooper claimed that he was still thinking about the burger a day after he ate one.
So, after a long day at the newly reopened Sackler Gallery and Freer museum, we decided to try shake shack burger again and see if we had missed something.

Smoke Shack Niman Ranch Bacon, Chopped Cherry Pepper, ShackSauce
We ordered two smoke shacks. The cashier messed up and we only received one. My husband ordered a second one. First of all, in both orders the buns were cold. The first order’s patty was barely warm and we were disappointed with the lack of flavor of the beef. The second burger was warmer and tasted much better. Still, we would not bother with the Shake Shack again unless we really had to.