Ever since I learned chef Michael Gordon used to work at an old-time favorite, Bouley (NYC), I wanted to check out the food. Since my mother in law was visiting, I decided it was a good time to try the place. The location at the Navy Yard is by the river but since it was an unusually cold windy day we did not walk much in the area. The restaurant was open and airy and had a unique wall of presidents portraits. Service was helpful.

Crab Beignets Maryland crab, roasted carrots, Indian romesco
I had read this was one of their speciality and it did not disappoint. I specially liked the Indian romesco and told our waiter that they should sell bottles of it.

Potato Pancake smoked salmon mousse, pomme paillasson, everything spice
My dish was so big, I took some of it home. It was a carb lover dish with plenty of potatoes to put you in a food coma. The pancakes were tasty and the pomme paillasson were little crispy potato pancakes. The smoke salmon mousse was creamy and delicious.

My mother in law was craving bacon so she placed an order. It was your typical good quality bacon.

Wild Mushroom Tartine mushroom “faux gras”, hazelnut, fried egg, parmesan, side salad
My husband pushed my mother in law to order this dish. She mostly ate the mushrooms and a little bit of the bread. My family on the other hand, would have finished every bit of the crusty bread. She really enjoyed what she ate though.

Rice Grits Porridge pork blade steak, poached egg, broccoli kimchi, cracklins
My husband’s order. I just had a little bit of the pork and found it flavorful. He enjoyed the dish.