Mirza Ghasemi Smoked eggplants | roasted tomatoes | eggs
It tasted good but the traditional version has lots of garlic.

Shirazi Salad Cucumbers | tomatoes | onions | house vinaigrette
The traditional Shirazi salad has a lemon dressing but this one tasted more like a vinegar based. It did not look that appetizing either.

Lamb Soltani Lamb loin filet | saffron cream | Koobideh
The reason we were here for was for the meat and thankfully it did not disappoint. Last time we had the beef version and it did not impress. The lamb version was ten times better than the beef one. I told our waitress we wanted the meat to be cooked medium and I am sure that made a difference. The lamb barg had a saffron cream that made it very tasty. The koobideh had plenty of onion flavor and was very good.