Blue Duck Tavern was one of the first restaurants I considered trying when we moved to the area. The uneven reviews kept me away. Since there was no new place competing for my attention, I figured we should give this place a try. The restaurant was packed and we were seated facing the kitchen. Service was fine but nothing to sing about for a one Michelin star restaurant.

Bread and Jam
Bread was good but not as crusty or flavorful as we like. They could have been more generous with the jam.

Short Rib Hash olive oil-poached sunny egg, horseradish sauce, biscuit
My husband loves hash and enjoyed this dish. There was enough meat to feel satisfied. He did not care for the dry biscuit though.

BDT Benedict slow roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, soft roll, mustard hollandaise
I had my eye on the shrimp and grits but they were out of it. I decided to give this Cuban Benedict a try. The pork was tender, ham was smoky but one of the poached eggs were a little overcooked. The mustard hollandaise brought the dish together.