After days of searching and talks, we had one of the most disappointing dining experiences as a family at the Carson Kitchen. Unfortunately, because of everyone’s schedule, our only day to dine was on the 24th. A couple of places we were interested in were closed during that period. One of the Las Vegas bloggers have been here more than then times. So, my brother called the restaurant and made the reservation. The whole experience was comical and sad. Different members were dozing off, were on their phone, claiming there was nothing on the menu for them or were unusually sedated. The service was the worst we have ever had. Our food came out one at a time with my brother’s being the last one, almost half an hour after everybody’s food. His was the burnt flat bread! Go figure!! They did not even apologized for the delay. Even the pictures look awful!!

Rainbow Cauliflower garlic, lemon juice
My vegan niece ended up with this dish which is funny because it was the first dish I suggested her to get but she had no interest in. When the waitress came to take our order, my brother asked her about any vegan choices. She said, cauliflower! Well, my niece polished it off with no problem.

Grilled Artichoke chipotle aioli, banyuls vinegar
My other niece picked this dish and seemed to like it.

BBQ Burnt Ends house pickles, highbrow ranch
I was going to order the cocoa espresso steak but my husband assumed it was not going to be good as such a place. I think I should have ordered it any way. The burnt ends were mostly fat and the BBQ sauce was too sweet to enjoy. Later on, I mentioned it to our waitress and she asked me if I wanted anything else. I said, no.  I should have returned it right away.

Short Rib Grilled Cheese sourdough, gouda
My husband’s choice. Our waitress mentioned something about horseradish being part of the sandwich and if that was OK? My husband said yes, but did not taste any. His food looked boring. The spiced tater tots helped to ease the pain!

Veal Meatballs sherry foie gras cream
The only dish that I liked. The meatballs were light and the foie gras sherry cream was tasty and creative.

Red Snapper panang curry, rice noodle
My mom’s dish. We were expecting something different presentation wise. It tasted fine. The fried rice noodles were unexpected.

Pig & Fig pork belly, pickled figs, goat cheese
This burnt flat bread was the dish that took almost half an hour to arrive without any explanation. The crust tasted like cardboard.

Jerk Turkey Burger mango chutney slaw
My dad’s dish. Portion wise it was a good size and at the time he did not have any complaints. Afterwards, he mentioned that he did not care for it!