I have been wanting to try Maydan ever since I read about the restaurant. We dined there on a cold night, the night before New Years Eve. That did not stop people from lining up before the opening at 5 PM. The place was tastefully decorated and had an open-hearth in the front of the first floor.
Service was fine but distracted at times. Like we had to ask for a spoon a couple of times. Price of some of the dishes seemed high considering the portion size. The best thing about Maydan was the flavorful bread that they served with the dishes. The world music added to the experience.

Beiruti Hummus Tomatoes, Parsley, Green Peppers, Scallions
This hummus was a little bland. It needed a little garlic and lemon to perk it up.

Beet Borani Yogurt, Dill, Black Sesame
As I took my first bite, I did not care for the sweetness, but the flavor grew on me and I enjoyed it.

Ezme Tomato, Onion, Peppers, pomegranate Molasses
Chermoula Lemon, Garlic, Parsley, Saffron
The two side sauces did not impress. Ezme was a little bland and probably needed more pomegranate molasses and chermpula was a little bitter without any saffron taste.

Baby Eggplant Georgian Walnut Sauce, Pomegranate
Not only this dish was a little undercooked but it was way over priced at $9 for three very small slices of the eggplant. $3 per slice!! Even if you buy organic eggplants, you should be more generous with the portion. The walnut sauce was good though.

Aleppo Lamb, Pistachio
Thankfully the lamb kabob did not disappoint. It was cooked well and tasted good. The pistachios on the top added a little nuttiness to the dish but they could have been more generous with it.

Shrimp Chermoula Sauce
Shrimp marinated in chermoula sauce was pretty good. I had to make sure it was not farm raised and I was told it was not.