Brothers and Sisters is a new dining spot inside the Line hotel in D.C. Food was pretty good but the portions were inconsistent for the price. Service was friendly but at times confused.

Cool light fixture.

Potato Rosti Salmon Roe, Mangalica
The potato rosti was very good. You could taste the onion in the background. The portion was laughable though! How expensive is potato to serve such a small portion for the $13 price. The salmon roe added a little saltines and ham a little umami.

Knife Cut Noodle Sausage, Greens
Now, this dish was worth the $15 price. There were enough al dente noodles plus good amount of flavorful sausage, earthy beans and broccoli rabe to put a smile on your face. There was a hint of smokiness to the dish also.

The London Earl Grey, Crepe
This cake was worth all the carbs. It was very flavorful and had layers of crepes, Earl grey mousse, tea jelly chunks, matcha cookie crumble and angel food cake. I wish I could have a slice right about now.