Karma Modern Indian is a new Indian restaurant near Chinatown in D.C. The restaurant was larger than your average restaurant and was light and airy. The service was really pushy from pushing cocktails to naan. The food was good but nothing exciting. Prices were high considering how simple the dishes were.

Seekh Kebab Minced Lamb + House Blend of Spices
It tasted good but it was really spicy. The sauce was spicy too. You needed something like yogurt to cool you off.

Palak Paneer Spinach + Garlic
At $18, it was overpriced for a mostly spinach and a little cheese dish. It was too salty and a little bland.

Long grain rice was cooked right.

Lamb Roganjosh Kashmir Chili + Ginger + Tomato
This dish was recommended not only online but by our waiter. It was good and spicy but nothing to sing about.