When you go on Amoo’s Restaurant website, it mentions that if you download their app, you get $10 off $35. It should clearly say takeout only to prevent any confusion. We had lunch there recently and even though the food was pretty good, the service left a bad taste in our mouth. Our waitress was not friendly at all. She took our order and delivered the food. As we were finishing up, she just left the check on the table without asking if we wanted dessert. I asked her is this our check? She said yes. I said, well, we want ice cream. She walked away and brought us two small scoops of ice cream and rudely placed it in front of us. She acted like she was doing us a favor by waiting on us. When I asked about the discount, she said the discount was offered on the food ordered on their app for a takeout!

Bakhtiari Flattened beef tenderloin wrapped in ground beef & lamb
It was a unique tasty kabob. Thankfully it was not overcooked and tasted pretty good.

Saffron Ice Cream
The ice cream was as good as the last time we had it, but the scoops were smaller for the $7 they charge. Because of our waitress’s odd behavior, I forgot to take a picture.