Little Pearl is a casual cafe during the day and wine bar at night-time. It was very crowded the day we visited. Service was helpful.

Hot Chocolate
The hot chocolate was warm and a little sweet for my taste.

Gravlax & Sourdough Cured salmon w/ housemade crème fraîche, capers & dill
I enjoyed this tartine. The cured salmon was tasty and went well with the crusty sourdough.

Smoked Brisket Horseradish, dill pickles & gem lettuce
My husband picked the brisket. Unfortunately it was dry and did not have much flavor. The bread was not that great either. It could have used a more crusty flavorful bread. Horseradish and dill pickles helped to make it more palatable.

Potato Donut
The potato donut was unique and tasted pretty good.