I picked a.kitchen+bar for one of our dinners because the critics raved about two of their dishes that appealed to me. As we sat down and looked at the menu, I was disappointed that the two dishes we were interested in were not listed on the menu. One was the choucroute garnie. Of course that dish was listed on their online menu. Maybe they should update their online menu more often, so people won’t get disappointed.
Since we were kind of full from our early brunch at Suraya, we picked three small dishes to share. Service was helpful.

Parsnip Bourride smoked cod, shellfish
We were pleasantly surprised that this dish was a seafood stew or as they called it a soup. They split the dish for us. It was very flavorful. The grilled baguette was hearty and delicious.

Crab & Pumpkin Croquetts sea urchin aioli
This dish sounded better on the paper than it tasted. It did not have much crab probably because it was heavy on the pumpkin. The aioli did not taste like sea urchin either. A total disappointment.

Winter Citrus horseradish yogurt, beets, pistachio
This dish looked pretty and tasted good. There were blood oranges, grapefruits and clementines with raw beets and watermelon radish. It needed more yogurt though to balance the dish.