I picked Maison 208 for brunch simply because it was supposed to be one of the most anticipated restaurant openings of the year from the Top chef contestant, Sylva Senat. The food we tried was not cooked the way it should have. One was under cooked and  the other was overcooked. Service was fine.

Top Chef Season 14, episode 10 skuna bay salmon frittata, beet sabayon
It tasted good but it would have been much better had they baked it a minute or two less.

Dock Egg Benedict prosciutto, duck fat béarnaise, house baked rosemary biscuit
The highlight was the fragrant rosemary biscuit. The duck egg needed a minute more so the white would have been more opaque. We told our waitress about the problem and she asked us if we wanted new eggs. We replied, yes. After a while, she showed up and told us something about the eggs were cooked sous vide at 65 degree. I replied that we have had 65 degree eggs before and they were cooked more. Perhaps because it was a duck egg it needed more cooking. To their credit, they removed the charge from our bill.