We had our last lunch at The Love on a cold and windy day. Finding a parking was a big challenge as the restaurant is located in the Rittenhouse Square area. The restaurant is a partnership between Stephen Starr and Aimee Olexy.
Service was professional and very friendly.

Greek Shrimp And Escarole Salad orzo, feta, olives
It was a good size salad for $19. There were plenty of very fresh escarole with a little orzo, plenty of green olives, feta and very flavorful oregano. We even had some leftover. maybe it had something to do with our breakfast sandwich!

“Burnt End” short rib chili, buttermilk biscuit and jalapeno
The chili was pretty good with some chewy but flavorful short ribs. It was a little spicy for us though. The biscuit helped a little bit.