I picked Duke’s Grocery for our brunch knowing that they don’t take reservation. It was a cold day and if you wanted to seat outside, you could have been seated right away. We chose the inside option and had to wait more than half an hour. The place was packed with the younger crowd. I think the appeal was the fair prices for the quality and portion.

Proper English Breakkie runny eggs, bacon rashers, banger sausage, black and white pudding, tinned beans, braised mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, toast, rocket
It was plenty of food for $16. I liked the white pudding the best. Banger sausage was good also. The bacon rashers were OK and similar to Canadian bacon. Tomatoes could have been roasted a bit longer in order to improve the taste.

Brunchie Burger Creekstone angus beef, gouda, dill pickles, charred red onions, garlic aioli, rocket, sweet chili sauce
Almost every table had the burger and for a good reason. You could have added all kind of stuff like egg, avocado, bacon, but since we already had the English breakfast, we did not add any extras. I am glad we didn’t. The beef patty was very flavorful and juicy cooked to medium rare. One of the best burgers we have had.