We have walked by Tico a few times before. When I saw some pictures in one of the blogs online, I decided to give the place a chance. The decor was interesting and it was packed. Lots of family with kids were seated in one side. Prices were reasonable and service was friendly. The big bonus point was my favorite ice cream place, Jeni’s was across the street.

Smoked Salmon Tosado citrus cream cheese, pickled cucumber, bagel spice
The picture of this dish was the reason I made the reservation! I am glad it did not disappoint. It was very flavorful Specially the avocado mousse. The pink grapefruit was the unexpected touch and we enjoyed the cucumber ribbons.

Grilled Strip Steak and Sunnyside Up Eggs short rib hash, ancho adobo, local turnip and Swiss chard
We have had many steak and eggs and a few short rib hashes before but not the two in one dish. It was pretty good. The adobo sauce was flavorful but a little too spicy for me.