When I read that Himitsu was starting a brunch pop up, I knew I wanted to try their brunch menu. They don’t take reservation and you have to line up early. They were suppose to open at 11 AM. We got there around 10:40 AM and there was a long line formed already. They opened their door late and by the time we got to the hostess, we were told that we probably get a call around 1 PM. I knew that was not going to be the case because brunch turnover is much faster than dinner. We received a text around 12:20 that are table or in our case the seats in front of the open kitchen were ready. The menu was carb heavy. Prices were a little high considering the portions and the ingredients.

Okonimiyaki Cabbage, tare, kewpie, bonito, scallions
This was our favorite dish. Very flavorful and delicious. Tare and kewpie had a lot to do with it. Bonito was very high quality also.

Fried Oyster Benedict Butter brioche, cornmeal fried oysters, spicy hollandaise, chives, spinach
We have had oyster at himitsu before and knew we had to order it. Very fresh oysters atop buttery brioche and spinach.

Rice Cakes Rice cakes, poached egg, pickled red onion, ground spicy sausage
We only have had fried rice cakes before. It was a good dish and the sausage was a little too spicy for us.