When I read that Momofuku CCDC had a new chef with a new menu, I was intrigued. I checked out some brunch pictures online and was hopeful. As we sat down and looked at the menu, I did not see a couple of dishes that I was interested in. It seems that happens a lot lately. I thought prices were fair for the portion size. The two dishes we tried had sweet flavors going on which is not a surprise considering Korean food’s love of sugar.

Glazed Spare Ribs – slaw, Korean potato salad, black vinegar bbq sauce
It was a good dish. My husband really enjoyed it. the ribs were meaty and had a sweet spiciness going. The slaw was crunchy and I liked the addition of the caraway. The potato salad was really creamy.

Shrimp & Grits – poached egg, country ham xo, pickled shiitake
I asked and was told the shrimps were from the Gulf. The grits was pretty good and  creamy. I did not care for the too sweet pickled shiitake.