Ever since I read an article in one of the food magazines about Oleana, Sarma and Sofra, I knew I wanted to check them out. Unfortunately, because our trip to Boston was last-minute, I could not get a reservation at Sarma. So, I picked the sister restaurant, Oleana that offers the food of Turkey and Middle East with a very creative lens. Service was very friendly. I wish we had a restaurant like that in our area.

Very tasty.

Brisket Lamejun Sweet Peppers, Hot Pepper Labne
A very flavorful start to our dinner. It was a little spicy but delicious.

Asparagus Sarma Pistachio Muhammara, Spicy Black Eyed Peas
A creative dish specially the Pistachio Muhammara. Basically crisp crepe was wrapped around asparagus atop delicious black eye peas.

Sultan’s Delight Tamarind Beef, Smokey Eggplant Purée, Pinenuts
This dish was recommended by a critic so I had high expectations. The beef was flavorful but did not have much tamarind flavor. It was a little overcooked also. I loved the smokey eggplant puree though. It was really good.

Moussaka Lamb, Eggplant, Tahini, Fried Chickpeas, Mint
I am glad we finished our dinner with flying colours. A dish that I could eat everyday. Flavorful lamb, Eggplant and crispy chickpeas!! What else could you ask for? Texture wise and taste wise, it was an amazing dish.

Honeycomb Sundae Sesame Peanuts, Maras Pineapple, Blonde Chocolate Tahini Creameux
I was going to order the baked Alaska, but our waiter recommended this tasty but very sweet dessert. Our favorite part was the honeycombs. The sesame peanuts were addicting also. The pineapple was good but really sweet. The chocolate tahini was heavenly also. After eating this deadly dessert as far as sugar goes, I decided we had to walk back to our hotel, which was around one hour!